How Bad Is Aviation For The Environment?

In today’s day and age there is a large concern for the environment and the world that we live in, as there should be.  On this topic aviation as a whole but mostly private flyers are starting to get a bad reputation.

People see this as harmful to the environment because of the mass amounts of carbon that are produced from a private jet in flight.  These flyers are feeling the wrath because the media and environmentalists wish for these private flyers to transfer to flying commercial which will allow for one less aircraft to be put in the sky producing carbon.

However, most information out there about the environmental impact of private jets falls into one of two extremes. Firstly, those who are anti-wealth and anti-aviation. Therefore, this group will highlight the negatives in order to support their point.

Although the carbon produced is not something to be overlooked there are many ways to ”offset” your carbon.  There are many platforms that are integrated into almost every industry that allow you to purchase carbon credits that will then offset the carbon that your aircraft produced.

As the world strives to become carbon neutral the industry of private aviation will strive to do their part.  With more and more platforms rising to the surface that allow for ways for you to do your part and help the environment and reduce your carbon, this is something that will be taken care of.

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