Embraer joins in on Stopping Supply to Russia

Aircraft manufacturer Embraer confirmed this week that they will stop supplying parts and aircraft services to Russia.

A representative made a statement on the move. “Embraer is closely monitoring the evolving situation and has been complying, and will continue to comply, with the international sanctions imposed on Russia and certain regions of Ukraine by suspending parts, maintenance and technical support services for customers affected by sanctions.”

Embraer is a manufacturer that Russia also uses quite frequently, much like Airbus and Boeing. A large number of charter and private operators use their jets as well, which makes them a big supplier for Russia.

Russia has become a highly imperative market for Embraer, as they have doubled it’s market share since 2018. The aircraft’s presence in this country grew significantly over the years, and now it is put to an end amid the tensions between Ukriane and Russia.

It is estimated that other operators and suppliers will make similar moves as well, and that others will join in if these tensions grow bigger.

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