What is a Transient Aircraft?

In the private aviation industry, there are a wide array of terms used and thrown around. One of them happens to be “transient”, and this is a term used often. So this begs the question: what is a transient aircraft? 

A transient aircraft is a term used for an aircraft that is stationed on the ground and is not being used that is away from its home base. The aircraft is considered transient because it makes a lot more sense financially to leave it at the airport until a return flight is scheduled. 

Transient aircrafts are typically away from the home base anywhere from 2-5 days and can be available for charter at a large discount. 

Finding a transient aircraft near your departure airport is one of the best ways to save money on a flight. Because you are able to get a better price, and the airlines save money by getting an extra flight in, it’s really transient is really the best win-win situation for charter flights. 

As long as there is a transient aircraft near your desired destination and you wish to fly private, it is recommended to look to see if there are any transient aircrafts available.

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