NetJets will provide Fractional Shares of it’s new Electric Aircraft

The new Lilium Jet eVTOL aicraft is the latest jet that NetJets has invested in. This aircraft is fully electric, and does not emit any gas.

The boost in electric aircrafts are booming this day and age, as eco-friendly initiatives are becoming at the forefront of businesses’ goals. As more and more cities become more populated, analysts believe that these jets will increase in demand.

It is believed that these jets will fly at faster speeds, getting their customers to their destination in a quicker manner. These jets struggle with flying long distances, but they are very effective in short-duration flights.

Recent discussions have sparked now to offer fractional ownership of an aircraft, and that it will become available to the owner when needed. This new business model is shifting towards an app-based, Uber-like app where you book the flight and the aircraft is right there for your leisure and convenience.

Lilium also announced that it will team up with FlightSafety for training purposes specific to the aircraft. Berkshire Hathaway, who owns NetJets, will also help out with investments in training aids, devices, and courseware.

The memorandum of understanding (MoU) will become finalized at the end of this year, and will outlay the specifications and terms of the partnership.

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