Aaron Rodgets and Shailene Woodley Spotted together on Private Jet

Just recently after a break-up, Aaron Rodgers and Shailene Woodley were spotted in Florida on a vacation. There were rumors circling that they were together once again, but no one was 100% certain if they were true or not.

Just around the area of Palm Beach, Florida the two were spotted leaving a private jet. They were on the same plane together and were reportedly seen leaving holding hands. They stayed in Florida for about 5 hours, and departed on the same airplane.

There is no information on if Rodgers owns the jet or not, but, there were talks of him having close ties with a private jet charter.

The two were also spotted at David Bakhtiari’s wedding in Santa Barbara, California as well. There were reports of them being “friendly”, but it might seem more than just that.

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