Alaska Airlines Delays Landing after 10 Year Old Poses Hijacking Threat via Apple Airdrop

A flight inbound to Orlando was delayed after a 10 year old pranked the entire aircraft into thinking that he would hijack an Alaskan Airlines plane. There are no formal charges being pressed against the child, as he will not face any sort of punishment from local authorities for the stunt.

The child airdropped a message to an unnamed passenger when the aircraft was about to land via Apple Airdrop. The message was aiming to provide the notion that the plane would be hijacked prior to landing, and that a possible bomb threat was near.

As soon as the unnamed passenger received that message via Airdrop, they reported it to a nearby crew member. This member provided the following statement about the situation. “We’re taxiing in and all of a sudden the plane gets interrupted with a peculiar notice that we’re going to park on an active runway for a moment. After that, they said there was a threat to the plane and that we are not going to be approaching any terminal for any time soon.”

Soon after, local authorities rushed over to the airport to clear the air. They then discovered that there was no credible threat and that it was all a prank. Since the minimum age for federal aviation crimes is 11 years old, no charges were filed.

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