Where is the #1 Boeing 747 Airline from this past decade?

FILE PHOTO: A British Airways plane taxis past tail fins of parked aircraft near Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport in London, Britain, March 14, 2020. REUTERS/Simon Dawson/File Photo

Boeing is one of the most renowned aircraft suppliers in the entire world. However, is there one certain airline that flies Boeing 747s more than any other?

The answer to that question is yes. Coming in at number one for being one of Boeing’s finest customers of an airline is British Airways.

The airline has become fairly popular in the skies, and operates the 747 for over half of a century. British Airways has always had a true liking for this aircraft, and has always operated all of their supply of 747s at all times.

This past decade, they flew their supply of 747s over 225,000 times. The airline operated services to the UK over 100,000 times more than Korean Air, who is a top holder of Boeing 747s themselves.

The top destination that brought in the most 747s is New York, NY. Prior to COVID, this was the most profitable route and saw over 19,000 services this past decade. For reference, the second most profitable route was Miami where they had around 7,000 this past decade.

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