How is Brexit impacting the UK Aviation Industry?

The UK is experiencing a skills shortage in the aviation industry and has only grown worse ever since the country’s break-up with the European Union.

Chief Executive of British Business and General Aviation Marc Bailey provided a statement about the situation. “Without doubt, there has been an impact because positions have hardened [between the UK and the EU],” Bailey commented. “We expected to see bilateral agreements [on immigration and recognition of qualifications] coming to fruition in a couple of years, and it’s not at the UK Civil Aviation Authority and EASA, but at a political level there is not a will to have them, so progress on agreements has been weaker than a lot of us would have hoped.”

The UK remains at constant battle with the European Union ever since they made it clear of their intentions to leave back in January 2020. There are disagreements on cross-border trade between Ireland and the UK, and has not gotten resolved just yet. As a result, there is a shortage of workers and shortage of skills, and there hasn’t been any large-scale investment in making the situation any better.

What would be the solution? Create a talented, knowledgeable, and competitive pool of employees, by investing more in training and education for those interested in getting into the aviation industry. The hope is that this will create more employment opportunities and retain more employees, thereby fixing the situation.

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