Airport Staff in Germany Strikes despite Air Travel Ban

Airports across Germany including Berlin, Hamburg, And Hanover are witnessing strikes from their airport staff over issues surrounding a wage dispute. As a result, travelers have seen their flights cancelled and delayed in Germany with the ongoing dilemma with the airport staff and their wages.

This strike comes as a result of the surge in fuel prices and increased ticket fares due to the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Along with this, with the macroeconomic outlook seeming a bit hazy, the aviation industry is experiencing all of the same problems: increased demand, little supply, inflationary pressures, and increased costs and prices.

There is sentiment that the employees within these airports are demanding their wages be increased by one Euro ($1.10) an hour for the next year since they are working more hours than ever before. This comes as a result of the increased demand on top of the inflationary pressures that these workers are facing.

The next round of labor discussions will resume on Thursday, March 24th 2022. The primary staff that is involved with this is the security team, with others from different departments being involved as well.

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