Duncan Aviation signs off on a $66M Expansion in Lincoln and Battle Creek Locations

Duncan Aviation just committed $66M in capital to renovate and expand it’s Lincoln and Battle Creek locations. At both locations, there will be a 46,000 hangar with 30 foot doors along with 62,000 sqare foot storage units. This expansion is the largest project that the company has ever taken.

Jeff Lake, Duncan Aviation‘s President, provided a statement about the expansion. “Demand for the safety and flexibility that business aviation travel provides has continued to increase, as has the average size of business aircraft… This results in increased demand for the hangar space required to complete requested airframe, engine, interior, paint, and avionics modifications for the business aircraft fleet. Looking to the future, we know that to meet current customer requests and needs, Duncan Aviation will need more hangar facilities.”

These new facilities will include radiant flor heating, energy efficient boilers, and automated LED lighting. Tis project will also benefit the environment as well, seeing that their buildings and systems will perform 25% better than their original units.

This project will commence during the second quarter and finish around mid-year next year.

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