Wheels Up Finalizes Air Partner Acquisition

Wheels Up ($UP) just put the finishing touches of acquiring UK-based Air Partner of $109 Million. This gives Wheels Up a bit of exposure in the international airlines industry, and involvement in private jet, charter, and group aviation solutions.

Wheels Up Chairman and CEO Kenny Dicther provided a statement about the acquisition. “We are thrilled to welcome the Air Partner team as Wheels Up officially goes global… Air Partner’s rich 60-year history in private aviation and complementary services will be an excellent enhancement of our brand as we continue to expand our marketplace and deliver a world-class experience for our members and customers. Bringing these two teams together is a tremendous advantage as we work to reinvent the future of private travel.”

Wheels Up is planning on taking this company and employing it under it’s own brand. However, Air Partner’s subsidiaries will continue to operate on it’s own and will not have much of an integration with Wheels Up as is.

As for their leadership team, they will remain in place and will also be involved in some of Wheels Up activities as well. Air Partner CEO Mark Briffa provided some insight on the new acquisition. “We expect to leverage Wheels Up’s investments in brand, technology, operations, and service as we continue our strong start to 2022.”

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