Boeing and Microsoft partner together in the Digital Aviation Industry

To achieve some of the ongoing initiatives for Boeing in 2022, they strived to make investment in digital aviation. As such, they teamed up with Microsoft to use it’s infrastructure, business processes and accelerate innovations in digital aviation that are fully data-driven.

Susan Doniz, Chief Information Officer of Boeing, provided a statement on the partnership. “Today’s announcement represents a significant investment in Boeing’s digital future. Our strategic partnership with Microsoft will help us realize our cloud strategy by removing infrastructure restraints, properly scaling to unlock innovation and further strengthening our commitment to sustainable operations… Microsoft’s demonstrated partnership approach, trusted cloud technologies and deep industry experience will help us achieve our transformation goals and strengthen Boeing’s digital foundation.”

Boeing and Microsoft became partners over 20 years ago and have helped each other make huge strides in digital aviation. With Microsoft’s technology, Boeing has optimized their operations and developed digital solutions through Microsoft Cloud and other applications.

Yesterday’s news will allow Boeing to bring more economic and sustainable value to the company with more data to sift through. This will give them the information to make better decisions, innovate more, and improve their current business processes.

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