Mike Tyson Punches A Passenger on JetBlue Flight

  • Mike Tyson Threw Punches at an “Overly Excited” Passenger
  • Former Boxing Champion Could End Up on a No-Fly List

Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images

On a domestic JetBlue flight from San Francisco to Florida, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson threw punches at an “overly excited” and annoying passenger. TMZ reported that the man was extremely intoxicated.

The passenger, who was sitting in the row behind Tyson, continued to bother the former boxer during the flight, despite requests from Tyson to “chill.”

Tyson turned around and punched him several times in the face, leaving the man with a bloody forehead.

The passenger stayed silent about the accident and refused to cooperate with the police investigation after treatment of non-life-threatening injuries.

It’s uncertain if Tyson will face consequences for his assault, but some people wonder if the fight could put him on a “no-fly list.”

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