Tesla Crashes into a $3.5 Million Aircraft

  • Tesla’s “Smart Summon” Feature Gone Wrong
  • Electric Car did not “maneuver around and stop for objects as necessary”

A Tesla owner who used the electric car company’s new “Smart Summon” feature to have his vehicle drive itself to him crashed it into a parked $3.5 million private jet.

The video on Reddit, posted this Friday, showed Tesla crashing into the Cirrus aircraft while using one of the smart features “Smart Summon”.

“Smart Summon” feature, as part of an update to Tesla’s Autopilot semi-autonomous driving system, allows owners to summon their cars to them from a distance of up to 200 feet away.

As stated by Tesla, “Smart Summon” is a mobile app feature that allows you to move your Tesla to your location using your phone’s GPS as the target destination, or to a location of your choice by “maneuvering around and stopping for objects as necessary.”

But it appears that in this case, the Summon feature didn’t work as intended.

Instead of driving straight to the owner, the car veered off to the left and crashed into a parked Cirrus jet.

The incident wouldn’t be the first time Tesla’s Smart Summon function has gone wrong, allowing the vehicle to drive around obstructions until it reaches its owner.

According to the Verge, numerous Tesla drivers have reported run-ins with both animals and other automobiles since the function was introduced in 2019.

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