Naples Airport (KAPF) Stops Late-night Fueling due to Noise Complaints

  • Naples Airport Authority conducts a Part 150 Noise Study
  • The Airport has been Working Hard to Be a Good Neighbor

According to AINonline, “Florida’s Naples Airport (KAPF) will implement a new policy beginning May 1 to stop aircraft fueling operations on the field between 9:30 p.m. and 6:30 a.m.”

In March, Naples Airport Authority was conducting a Part 150 Noise Study, a voluntary study to assess its noise compatibility planning. According to airport authorities, “the last FAA-approved Part 150 Noise Study was completed more than 20 years ago (1997). This includes creating Noise Exposure Maps (NEMs) and a Noise Compatibility Program (NCP).”

The study revealed that there was an increase in noise complaints and the airport authorities decided to look into this matter more closely. The airport authorities asserted, “the NEMs show community exposure to certain levels of existing and future noise and identify uses that are noncompatible with those levels.”

The new fueling policy has been implemented after extensive discussions with airport authorities. The authority is attempting to discourage flights by restricting fuel supply during the voluntary curfew hours. 

“Although the airport must remain open 24 hours per day, we hope that more aircraft operators will help us to be good neighbors by observing the voluntary quiet hours,” said Chris Rozansky, the authority’s executive director.

The airport has been working hard to be a good neighbor and this is just one of the many steps they are taking to reduce noise impacts on the community.

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