What does Owner Approval for Private Jet Mean?

  • Owner Approval Process
  • Private Jet Owner Can Reject a Flight Request

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When you hear the term “owner approval” in relation to private jet charters, it simply means that the owner of the aircraft you’re chartering has to give their approval for the flight to go ahead. This is usually just a formality and is usually only required when chartering an aircraft from another operator (i.e. not your own). Most aircraft are privately owned and used by a single owner under Part 135.

The owner approval process is usually quick and easy, and simply involves the charter operator getting in touch with the aircraft owner to confirm that they’re happy for the flight to go ahead. Once this has been confirmed, the charter can proceed as normal.

Sometimes, the private jet owner can reject a charter request for various reasons – usually because they have plans to use the aircraft themselves, or because they don’t want it to be used for a particular purpose (e.g. they don’t want it to be used for flying to a certain destination). In these cases, the charter operator will need to find another aircraft that is available and has the owner’s approval.

Owner approval is just one of many things to consider when chartering a private jet, and it’s important to understand the process fully in order to choose the right charter operator for your needs. Some things to take into account when assessing a private jet charter company include their safety record, fleet size and variety of aircraft available, customer service experience, and other factors that are important to you as an individual or business traveler.

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