Cracked Or Not Cracked…? That is the Question

Recently, Wheels Up posted a series of photos on their social media from an apparent photoshoot they had. The problem is the Hawker 400XP appeared to have a cracked windshield, although this is denied by a statement made by Wheels Up, “Just the way the light is hitting the metal window frame. Rest assured, this window shield is not cracked and safety remains our top priority.”

Wheels Up 400XP looks to have an apparent crack in their windshield during a photoshoot

Critics are still questioning the safety of some of these aircraft as Wheels Up has had some issues in the past SEE HERE. Allegations come just days after CFO Eric Jacobs steps down from the company – First reported by Private Jet Clubs during Thursdays earning call. Although there is no way to fully confirm this cracked window problem it is up for debate. Private Jet Clubs will keep you posted as this debate continues.

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