Amalfi Jets… Get free charter flights!

For years, competitive pricing has been such an important factor for the private aviation industry. One company found a way to get the cost of a flight all the way to $0, yes ZERO. What an incredible accomplishment, right? Well, the kicker is you must be an employee at Amalfi Jets.

The Amalfi Jets Team Benefiting From Jet Card Holders Paying Round Trip Pricing.
Via TikTok Post

Founded in 2020 by CEO Kolin Jones this company is based around the jet card. Being a charter broker Amalfi Jets does not own any aircraft. You may be wondering how the employees get free flights? Well, the answer is simple… You pay for it. Oftentimes, when you book a flight with Amalfi Jets, they stick you with the cost of a round trip when you only fly one way. Don’t worry though… The other leg isn’t going to waste. It is being used to fly around the Amalfi Jet team at your expense. How long will this go on before people start catching on? No idea but we know this article will speed up the end to the free flight program offered to employees over at Amalfi Jets.  

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