Top Gun: Maverick – Tom Cruise’s Near-Impossible Aerial Stunt: How Did They Do It? 

  • Special Permission From the Navy to Fly Under 50 ft at About 600 Miles Per Hour
  • Kosinski Thinks Such a Stunt Will Never Be Done In a Movie Again

Photo: Instagram/ Tom Cruise and Jerry Bruckheimer

Tom Cruise is no stranger to performing his own stunts, but the new Top Gun: Maverick features what may be his most impressive feat yet.

Director Joseph Kosinski while the interview with said there was a stunt he thought would be impossible to pull of.

“There’s a sequence in the middle of the film where Maverick (Tom Cruise) runs the low-level course by himself. For that sequence, we got special permission from the Navy to fly under 50 ft at about 600 miles per hour. So that’s one of those things that I don’t think will ever be done again.”

The scene takes place roughly halfway through the film and depicts Maverick “running the low-level course alone.”

According to Joseph Kosinski, they had to obtain special clearance from the Navy in order to shoot the sequence, which required Cruise to fly at 600 miles per hour beneath 50 feet.

This near-impossible aerial stunt can be added to Cruise’s long list of death-defying acts throughout his career.

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