Pilot Shares Travel Hack How to Fly on Private Jet for a “Reasonable Price”

  • Private Aviation Does Not Have to be Expensive
  • You Have to be Willing to Fly at Odd Times and on Short Notice

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Andy Smith, a commercial pilot, has friends working in private aviation and flies on private jets himself as a passenger. He shared with Express.co.uk how anyone can access flying private.

“The great thing about private aviation is that it does not have to be expensive,” Smith said.

Smith advises people to look into using empty legs, also known as deadhead flights. These are private jet flights that are already scheduled but have no passengers booked on them returning back to the original destination.

“A lot of people don’t realize that you can fly on a private jet for almost the same price as a first-class airline ticket,” Smith said. “You just have to be willing to fly at odd times and sometimes on short notice.”

Smith recommends looking for empty legs on websites such as PrivateFly and Flexjet. He also suggests signing up for newsletters from private jet charter companies, as they often offer last-minute deals on empty legs.

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