Antonio Brown Is Flying in a Cessna Business Jet, on His Way to Another Destination

  • Antonio Brown is Jetting Off from One Place to Another
  • Cessna 501 Citation I/Sp Jet

Instagram/ Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown, a professional NFL player, has recently become a rapper and is having a blast traveling all over the world. He’s constantly jetting off from one location to the next for concerts or simply hanging out with his famous pals.

Antonio Brown took his trip on Cessna 501 Citation I/Sp jet again. Before, the NFL player turned rapper utilized this plane before, which appeared to be exactly what he needs.

The athlete shared several pictures on Instagram with his luggage next to the Cessna Citation business jet, saying to his followers: “Get in Bag; I’m just Getting my Bag.”

Among pictures with the jet, he shared some shots from his garage featuring his yellow McLaren 720S Spider.

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