Learjet Skids Off Runway at North Island Naval Air Station

  • Naval Air Station North Island in California
  • Learjet 36 Crashed Onto a Narrow Beach
 The San Diego Union-Tribune

San Diego authorities are investigating the incident, which occurred at Naval Air Station North Island in California. A civilian corporate jet operated by a military contractor slid off a runway, coming to rest on a retaining wall along San Diego Bay.

As stated by base officials and the Federal Aviation Administration, the multi-engine Learjet 36 crashed onto a narrow beach at approximately 1 p.m. Friday, shortly after it attempted to land at the Coronado military station.

FlightAware reports that the fixed-wing aircraft took off from the airport at 12:20 p.m., flew several figure eights over the ocean, and came in for a landing less than an hour later.

When the jet went off the runway, there were only two people on board. Fortunately, they were both able to get out by themselves and were immediately taken to a hospital nearby as a safety measure.

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