Louis Vuitton’s CEO sold his Private Jet After People Started Tracking it on Twitter

  • Louis Vuitton’s CEO Sold his Private Jet
  • Arnault now Rents Planes Whenever he Flies Privately
Photo: Bernard Arnault/ Getty Images/ Bombardier

In an interview with Radio Classique in October, Arnault—who is worth almost $150 billion—revealed that LVMH had sold its private jet. According to a translation of the interview by Bloomberg, Arnault said he now rents planes whenever he flies privately.

In the last six months, Twitter accounts that track flight data of celebrities have become increasingly popular. Two of these celebrity-tracking accounts are @i_fly_Bernard and @laviondebernard, which have amassed a combined following of close to 100,000 users.

Arnault wasn’t the only fan of the jet — other wealthy individuals, such as Kylie Jenner and Australian billionaire Andrew Forrest, have also owned the plane.

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