DJ Khaled Shops for a VIP Boeing Jet

  • VIP Boeing Jet
  • DJ Khaled

DJ Khaled, a world-famous American DJ, record executive and record producer, has been filmed examining VIP Jet – a Boeing 767.

The superstar, who is currently worth an estimated $100 million, was seen touring the plane with his team before taking a seat in the cockpit.

DJ Khaled is known for his luxurious lifestyle and his jet-setter lifestyle. In 2017, he reportedly purchased a $26 million dollar Miami mansion.

It’s not surprising that DJ Khaled is in the market for a VIP Boeing jet, as he frequently flies around the world for work and leisure. In fact, he often posts photos and videos of himself on social media while aboard his private jets.

If DJ Khaled does purchase a VIP Boeing 767, he will join an elite group of celebrities and business leaders who own or have owned this type of jet, including Oprah Winfrey, David Beckham, and Bill Gates.

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