The HondaJet Elite II Has Been Granted FAA Type Certification

  • The HondaJet Elite II
  • Federal Aviation Administration
Photo: The HondaJet Elite II

The Federal Aviation Administration has officially certified the HondaJet Elite II aircraft, which was revealed to the public during the 2022 NBAA Convention and Exhibition in October. This is a significant milestone for the aircraft, which is Honda‘s first business jet model.

The Elite II is an updated version of the original HondaJet, which was first introduced in 2015. The new model features upgraded engines, a redesigned interior, and a new exterior paint scheme. Honda says that the Elite II is more fuel-efficient and has a longer range than its predecessor.

Honda says that the Elite II is just the beginning of its plans to expand its business jet offerings. The company is already working on a larger model, which is expected to be unveiled in 2025.

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