Jeremy Renner Airlifted to Hospital After Snowplow Accident

  • Jeremy Renner has Been Hospitalized After an Accident
  • Jeremy Renner in “Critical But Stable Condition”
Photo: GETTY Images

Sunday morning, Jeremy Renner was airlifted from a Nevada town after he suffered an unexpected injury when his snowplow veered off course and ran over the actor’s leg.

In the recently-leaked video of TMZ, a helicopter is seen taking off from a snow-blanketed path and flying towards a hospital while transporting the Marvel star in critical condition.

Jeremy Renner recently revealed a snapshot of the injury he suffered in the serious snowplow accident, showcasing his painful and disfigured face.

Renner posted the photo with the caption, “Thank you all for your kind words. 🙏. Im too messed up now to type. But I send love to you all.”

During a press conference on Tuesday, police officers revealed that Renner had assisted a family member in removing their vehicle out of the snow using his Snowcat plow. As he got out to speak with them, the machine began rolling and consequently ran over him as he attempted to get back inside.

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