Netflix is Now Hiring a Flight Attendant for its Private Jet – with up to $385,000 in Salary

  • Netflix is Looking for a New Flight Attendant to Join its “Dream Crew”
  • Super-Midsize Private Jet
Photo : Netflix

Netflix is currently seeking a skilled flight attendant to become part of their corporate travel team – an incredible opportunity listed on the company’s website.

Like many other large organizations, Netflix has its own corporate jets with a flight department staffed by full-time pilots and attendants as well as coordinators. These professionals are in charge of organizing and managing the business’s travel operations, according to job postings and company documents.

According to Netflix, an ideal applicant for a primary flight attendant on a super midsize jet will be someone with three years of full-time corporate flight experience, including proof of Flight Safety FAA-certified training, who can plan and prepare for trips, greet and assist passengers, and stock and tidy up the cabin, among other responsibilities. The job includes domestic and international travel and would be based in Los Angeles, California.

Among all the requirements the company mentioned in their job listing, Netflix emphasized the importance of the embracement of their culture: “As a Netflix flight attendant you are expected to embrace our culture, which places a strong emphasis on operating with Freedom and Responsibility, with independence and a lot of self-motivation.”

Netflix has not announced a set salary for this position, but they have stated that the market range is between $60,000 and $385,000. The actual payment will be determined by multiple factors including one’s expertise and experience in similar positions according to Netflix.

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