Jet Edge Is Leaving Mans Best Friend Behind

Jet Edge, now owned by Vista Global, is facing criticism for its strict policy with pets onboard its aircraft. Some customers have reported high cleaning fees being added to their bill, even if their pet did not create a mess during the flight. This policy has caused frustration among pet owners seeking a comfortable way to travel with their furry friends.

Additionally, a recent incident involving a passenger traveling with their dog on a Jet Edge flight was met with opposition from the crew members, who expressed their dissatisfaction with the pet being onboard. This has raised concerns among pet owners who expect the private aviation industry, known for its luxury and high-end services, to accommodate pets on board.

One private flyer even made a statement via twitter stating a crew member kicked their dog while they were boarding the aircraft. This statement is unconfirmed and Private Jet Clubs has reached out to Jet Edge but has not heard back yet.

Twitter user claiming a Jet Edge crew member kicked their dog, Private Jet Clubs is still in the process of verifying if this incident statement is accurate.

According to Jet Edge’s user agreement, pets must be approved in advance or they may be denied boarding. If a flight is cancelled due to a pet not being approved, they will not be refunded and remain responsible for the full payment of the flight and any additional expenses incurred.

In conclusion, pet owners should be aware of Jet Edge’s policy on pets before considering traveling with their furry friend on board their aircraft. This recent incident highlights the importance of researching a company’s pet policy before making travel arrangements.

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