Couple Charters Private Jet to Travel the World with Their Three Canine Companions

  • Couple from Austin, Texas, sells all Belongings to Travel the World with their Three Dogs
  • Six Countries Visited so far: France, Germany, Austria, Czechia, England, and Scotland
Photo: Melanie Demi / SWNS

A couple from Austin, Texas, is making headlines for traveling the world with their three beloved dogs. Melanie Demi, 26, and her husband Albert, 27, were inspired to embark on this journey after losing their four-year-old Great Dane, Apollo, to cancer. The loss taught them that “time isn’t guaranteed” and motivated them to fulfill their dream of traveling the world with their furry friends.

So, they saved up $45,000 over two years and sold all of their belongings, including their car, to turn their dream into a reality. The couple chartered a private jet to fly their dogs to Europe as their Great Dane, Lucas, was too heavy to travel in cargo on a regular plane and the only pet-friendly cruise liner did not accept his breed. They found ten other pet owners with the same idea, which allowed them to plan their own charter trip from New York to Paris. The flight cost over $100,000 and $11,000 per person.

Since arriving in Europe, the couple has been driving around and visiting six different countries with their pack of hounds – France, Germany, Austria, Czechia, England, and Scotland. Four months into their adventure, the couple is still traveling with their dogs and enjoying every moment of their dream come true.

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