High-Volume Private Planes Over Phoenix: Managing the Airspace During Super Bowl Week

  • Super Bowl and Phoenix Open Caused Traffic on Ground and Air
  • 4,000 more Take-Offs/Landings than usual in Phoenix Airports
Photo: Ross D. Franklin

The combination of two major events in Phoenix, the Super Bowl LVII and the Phoenix Open, has not only caused significant disruption on the ground but also in the air. With a high volume of private planes, traffic in the sky has increased, leading to specific regulations from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

According to the Federal Aviation Administration, metro Phoenix airports saw over 4,000 more take-offs and landings than usual throughout the week. With 1,000 private jets and 1,100 aircraft parked around the area, the Jackson Jet Center anticipated a takeoff once every six minutes the day after Super Bowl LVII concludes. The FAA has specific regulations in place to handle this massive influx of private flights, requiring private pilots to file their flight plans at least four hours prior to departure and making reservations necessary for flying a private plane into and out of metro Phoenix airports from Feb. 9 to Feb. 13. These measures help airport and FBO staff make plans to handle the increased traffic and manage the airspace for safety.

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