Biden Chooses Traditional Colors for Air Force One Over Trump’s Redesign Plans

  • New Design Features Slightly Lighter Blue Tone
  • New Air Force One Planes Won’t Have Polished Metal Due to Modern Alloys
Photo: Dept. of Air Force

President Joe Biden has decided to stick with the classic color scheme for Air Force One, the official aircraft of the President of the United States. The announcement came after Biden scrapped former President Donald Trump‘s plans for a new look for Air Force One. While Trump had planned for a completely different color scheme and design that resembled the US flag, the Air Force said technical difficulties and time constraints made that option unfeasible.

Instead, the Air Force announced that Biden has decided to stick with the original colors that have been used since the 1960s when John F. Kennedy started using the jumbo jet and blue/white pattern we all know today. However, the new design will feature a slightly lighter blue tone than the original “robin’s egg blue.” The Air Force describes the new blue as a “slightly deeper, more modern tone.”

Additionally, the new Air Force One planes, which are being manufactured by Boeing, will not have polished metal due to modern commercial skin alloys not allowing for it. This means that the new planes will have a different appearance from the original Air Force One planes.

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