Jackie Chan’s $20M Embraer 500: The Ultimate in Luxury and High-Tech Features

  • Jackie Chan acquires $20M Embraer Legacy 500
  • Chan controls the jet with his iPhone or iPad via integrated touch screen

Jackie Chan, a well-known martial arts icon, has a passion for luxurious aircraft, and he has recently acquired one of the most expensive and lavish jets ever made for $20 million. Chan has been the brand ambassador for Embraer, a Brazilian aircraft manufacturer, since 2012, and he has now upgraded to the luxurious Embraer Legacy 500, which boasts some of the most advanced aviation industry features.

The Embraer Legacy 500 is a super-midsize business jet that can accommodate up to 12 passengers in ultimate comfort. The interior of the jet is beautifully designed with premium materials, creating a luxurious and relaxing ambiance. The jet features reclining seats that can be converted into fully flat beds, offering an exceptional level of comfort during long-haul flights.

One of the most impressive features of the jet is that it can be controlled using an iPhone or iPad. The actor has complete control over the settings of his private jet, with the ability to adjust various parameters through a personalized touch screen, which is conveniently integrated into the armrest of his seat. Additionally, the jet is fully equipped with Wi-Fi, offering uninterrupted internet access while on the flight, allowing Chan to stay connected with his business partners and fans while flying.

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