The G700 Effect: Anticipating Market Shifts as Gulfstream’s Flagship Jet Enters Service

  • Gulfstream G700
  • Potential Impact the Used Bizjet Market
Photo: Gulfstream

The preowned business jet market is experiencing a shift in dynamics, and industry analyst Altea is urging stakeholders to closely monitor the ultra-long-haul sector, particularly with the imminent service entry of Gulfstream’s G700 later this year. While the market is currently in a phase of normalization and approaching a state of balance, Altea predicts that the introduction of the G700 and its integration into the lineup of in-service aircraft will introduce new variables and potentially impact the used bizjet market.

The business aviation industry has witnessed significant growth and evolution over the years, with Gulfstream’s aircraft family playing a pivotal role in this progression. Gulfstream has established a reputation for delivering exceptional performance, luxurious amenities, and cutting-edge technology. As a result, Gulfstream jets, particularly those designed for ultra-long-haul flights, have become highly sought after by discerning business jet buyers.

Altea recognizes that the preowned business jet market is currently undergoing a softening from the seller’s standpoint. This adjustment is part of a broader normalization process, which is expected as supply and demand align and the market reaches a state of balance. However, Altea cautions that the entry of the Gulfstream G700 into service could introduce new variables that may impact the used bizjet market.

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