Gulfstream’s $55 Million Paint Hangar Ignites Economic Growth in the Fox Valley

In a resounding testament to the strength of the Fox Valley economy, Gulfstream has officially unveiled its state-of-the-art $55 million paint hangar in Greenville. This expansion project marks a significant milestone in the multi-year plan announced by the company in 2021, and its impact on the region’s economic landscape is nothing short of remarkable. With an investment of this magnitude, Gulfstream has not only enhanced its operational capabilities but has also brought a wealth of employment opportunities to the area, fostering growth and prosperity in the Fox Valley.

Economic Impact on the Fox Valley

The Fox Valley region has long been recognized for its economic vibrancy, and Gulfstream’s recent expansion has only solidified its role in the local economy. “The Appleton International Airport is responsible for well over $700 million dollars of economic activity, supporting over 3,000 jobs,” noted Tom Nelson, Outagamie County Executive. The presence of Gulfstream and its ambitious projects has played an integral part in maintaining and even augmenting this economic vitality.

Over the past few years, Gulfstream’s growth has been particularly impressive. With the inauguration of the new paint hangar, the company has added more than 200 jobs to the local workforce. This infusion of employment opportunities has had a tangible and positive impact on the lives of countless individuals in the Fox Valley region, strengthening the local economy from the ground up.

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation’s new $55M paint hangar in Appleton

A Transformative Investment

The significance of Gulfstream’s investment in the Fox Valley cannot be overstated. By establishing this world-class paint hangar, Gulfstream has streamlined its operations, enabling it to undertake the entire aircraft completions process, from start to finish, within the Fox Valley. John Kenan, Vice President of Completions at Gulfstream, highlighted the implications of this expansion: “Before we opened this paint facility, as part of our process, we would have to fly the aircraft to a different facility to paint them and then bring them here to actually be completed and delivered to the customer.” This new facility not only optimizes Gulfstream’s workflow but also adds value to the region’s economy.

Spanning an impressive 73,000 square feet, this custom-designed facility is capable of painting up to 48 planes per year. The immediate impact of this expansion is evident, with a significant number of jobs already filled. However, Gulfstream remains committed to ongoing recruitment efforts. Kenan shared, “We actually partner with the local high schools. We have a youth apprentice program where we’ll bring high school students in as juniors and seniors and let them work part-time during school and full-time here in the summer so they can see if this is something they’d like to do for a career.”

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