NetJets Signs Record-Breaking Deal for 1,500 Cessna Citation Aircraft

NetJets, the world’s leading private aviation company, has signed a monumental fleet agreement with Textron Aviation, the producer of Cessna Citation business jets. This groundbreaking deal paves the way for NetJets to acquire up to an astonishing 1,500 additional Cessna Citation aircraft over the next 15 years. With a potential value of approximately $30 billion, this agreement not only extends NetJets‘ existing fleet but also reaffirms the company’s commitment to providing exceptional service to its discerning clientele.

Under the terms of the agreement, NetJets has the option to gradually increase its aircraft orders each year, allowing for flexible growth. The fleet expansion includes a range of Cessna Citation models, including the Citation Ascend, Citation Latitude, and Citation Longitude, all renowned for their exceptional performance, versatility, and reliability.

One of the most exciting aspects of this deal is NetJets being named the fleet launch customer for Textron Aviation’s newest offering—the Citation Ascend. This aircraft, currently in the development phase, is set to enter service in 2025. The Citation Ascend is poised to set new industry standards, offering NetJets’ global customers even greater versatility and flexibility in fulfilling their missions.

Cessna Citation Ascend /Photo Credit: Textron Aviation

Ron Draper, President and CEO of Textron Aviation, expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking collaboration, stating, “Expanding and adding the Citation Ascend to the NetJets fleet will provide its global customers with even more versatility and flexibility to accomplish their missions, building upon the exceptional performance and popularity of the Latitude and Longitude.”

The longstanding partnership between NetJets and Textron Aviation has spanned over four decades, characterized by mutual trust, a shared commitment to safety, and a dedication to service excellence. Over the years, NetJets has welcomed more than 800 business jets from Textron Aviation into its fleet, further solidifying the synergy between the two industry giants. Additionally, NetJets retains the option for over 300 Citation Latitudes and Longitudes—a testament to the enduring demand for these remarkable aircraft.

This historic agreement between NetJets and Textron Aviation not only underscores the enduring strength of their partnership but also positions both companies for a future of innovation, excellence, and unparalleled service in the private aviation sector. As the Citation Ascend takes to the skies in 2025, it will mark the beginning of a new era in luxury aviation, offering NetJets customers an unmatched experience in travel and further solidifying NetJets’ position as a pioneer in the private aviation industry.

Cessna Citation Ascend/ Photo Credit: Textron Aviation

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