Air Drake: How Drake Turned a Cargo Plane into a $185 Million Luxury Jet

Drake, the famous Canadian rapper and music sensation, has always been known for his extravagant lifestyle. With a net worth of $250 million, he can afford almost anything he desires. Yet, even with such wealth, Drake managed to acquire something truly extraordinary – his very own private jet, Air Drake, which he transformed from a former cargo plane into a $185 million luxury flying palace. This astonishing journey from cargo carrier to opulent jet showcases not only Drake’s taste for the finer things in life but also the power of celebrity endorsements and branding in the modern world.

The Origins of Air Drake

The jewel in Drake’s crown is a Boeing 767-200, a massive aircraft that is quite extraordinary for private ownership. This particular plane began its life as a cargo carrier, working diligently in the transportation industry for 23 years. In 2019, it was bestowed upon Drake as a gift from the Canadian cargo carrier, Cargojet.

The connection between Drake and Cargojet dates back several years, although the exact start of their relationship remains somewhat elusive. What we do know is that Cargojet has been actively involved in transporting supplies and equipment for Drake’s tours in the past. The decision to gift such a colossal aircraft to the rapper was a strategic one, primarily motivated by the power of publicity.

The Power of Publicity

Drake’s immense popularity on social media, particularly on Instagram where he boasts over 143 million followers, makes him a coveted influencer in today’s digital age. Cargojet recognized the opportunity to boost its visibility and credibility in the industry by associating with a high-profile artist like Drake.

In exchange for the generous gift of the 767-200 cargo plane, Drake agreed to share images of his luxurious, revamped Air Drake on his social media platforms. This provided Cargojet with an unprecedented level of exposure and solidified the airline’s name in the minds of millions of Drake’s fans worldwide.

The Transformation of Air Drake

Upon receiving the cargo plane, Drake embarked on a journey to transform it into the epitome of luxury and style. Although it was an aging aircraft, the rapper spared no expense in revamping it extensively, making it feel like a brand new plane. This impressive feat has established Air Drake as one of the most opulent recycled products ever purchased.

Inside Air Drake, passengers are greeted with plush leather armchairs, opulent bathrooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen. The attention to detail and the level of luxury that Drake incorporated into the aircraft is nothing short of breathtaking. It’s a home away from home, tailored to meet his specific needs during his international tours.

The aircraft’s exterior maintains its Cargojet branding, a name that’s been synonymous with reliability in the cargo transportation industry for over two decades. However, it has received a fresh and fashionable coat of paint, along with distinctive touches, like clasped hands on the tailfin and the OVO Owl emblem on the front door, leaving no doubt about its ownership.

Photo: Instagram/ @montrealonly

Air Drake is more than just a private jet; it’s a symbol of Drake’s success, opulence, and the influence of celebrity endorsements. The transformation of a former cargo plane into a $185 million luxury jet is a testament to the power of public relations and the value of branding in today’s world.

By repurposing the 767-200 and sharing its transformation on social media, Drake and Cargojet created a mutually beneficial partnership that not only elevated Drake’s status as a rapper but also catapulted Cargojet to new heights in terms of public recognition and credibility.

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