The All-New Cessna Citation Ascend Business Jet

The Cessna Citation Ascend, introduced in May as an enhanced version of the Cessna Citation XLS Gen2 with advanced avionics upgrades through the Garmin G5000 system, is poised to revolutionize the world of private jet travel. Manufactured by Textron Aviation, this midsize marvel will take to the skies with NetJets as its launch customer in 2025. Let’s take a closer look at the exciting features of this remarkable aircraft.

Advanced Cockpit Technology

The Ascend‘s cockpit is nothing short of extraordinary, blending innovation and safety seamlessly. It boasts an all-new Garmin advanced weather detection and avoidance system, which enables pilots to better plan routes that steer clear of turbulent weather. “Synthetic vision” is another standout feature that renders distant obstacles like mountains and terrain, displayed across three 14-inch ultra-high-resolution screens. Additionally, a voice and data satellite transceiver allows for in-flight satellite communication, enhancing connectivity and communication options for the flight crew.

Photo: Textron Aviation

Spacious and Comfortable Cabin

The Citation Ascend offers passengers an impressive feature that is uncommon in small and midsize jets: a flat cabin floor. This design is achieved through the circular shape of the aircraft, with the center aisle lowered to provide passengers with more standing room. Christi Tannahill, Senior Vice President of Customer Experience at Textron Aviation, attested to the game-changing nature of this design, emphasizing that the flat floor enhances comfort and maneuverability for passengers.

Photo: Textron Aviation

Sideways Seating for Comfort and Flexibility

One of the most striking features of the Citation Ascend is its side-facing seats in the cabin. Designed to accommodate nine passengers in its standard configuration, with a maximum capacity of 12, these seats offer a level of comfort and flexibility that is truly exceptional. Optional quilting, footrests, and electrically controlled lumbar support make for a relaxing journey. What’s more, these seats feature a unique push-button release feature, allowing passengers to swivel and adjust their positions with ease. Two seats also enable passengers to gaze directly out the window in front of them, adding to the immersive flying experience. These side-facing seats can be adapted for additional passengers or storage as needed.

Photo: Textron Aviation

Stay Connected and Charged

In today’s world, staying connected is essential. The Citation Ascend understands this, providing built-in WiFi and a generous offering of 19 standard USB charging ports throughout the cabin. This ensures that every passenger and crew member has access to at least one charging port. Additionally, the aircraft boasts “first-in-class” wireless phone charging and three standard universal outlets, ensuring that all your devices remain powered up throughout the flight.

Enhanced Passenger Experience

To enhance the passenger experience, the Ascend features cabin windows that are 15% larger than previous models. These windows are designed to allow more natural light into the cabin and come with translucent and opaque shade settings, which can be controlled wirelessly. For an added touch of sophistication, passengers can opt for lighted window rings to set the mood and enhance the cabin’s illumination.

The aircraft also includes an “advanced acoustic treatment system” to create a calm and peaceful flight environment, further enhancing the passenger experience. This technology has received positive reviews in other Citation series aircraft, such as the Citation Latitude.

A Legacy of Excellence

The Cessna Citation Ascend is the latest addition to a family of over 30 Citation models, six of which are currently in production. These aircraft have a rich legacy of providing exceptional performance, comfort, and technology to discerning travelers around the world. The Ascend promises to uphold and extend this legacy, setting new standards in the world of private jet travel.

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