Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsons Private Jet

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As one of Hollywood’s famous movie stars, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson owns a $65 million Gulfstream G650. The G650 is one of the fastest private jets available to buy, joining Jeff Bezos, Robert Kraft, Elon Musk and Ronaldo as other celebrities to own this aircraft. His two flight attendants take very good care of him so The Rock can focus on his work as well as enjoy the flight.

The rock will bring his dogs on his jet to enjoy the lavish lifestyle as well, instead of being stuck in the cargo section like a commercial flight. When your films gross over $200,000,000 rather frequently, you can afford to give your dogs a taste of the good life too. The rock has many toys, his $65 million private jet is just a part of his collection. He also owns many rare and luxurious cars, such as a Rolls Royce, Pagani Huayra and a Cadillac Escalade.

Messi Travels to Meet with Paris Saint-Germain by Private Jet

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Last week, after contract issues between Barcelona FC and soccer superstar Lionel Messi, Messi has signed a new deal with Paris Saint-Germain. Using website such as FlightAware to track the planes tail #, over 120,000 watched Messi’s jet depart Barcelona and travel to Paris to meet with his new club. The 34 year old Argentinian superstar is heading to Paris Saint-Germain to finish out his two-year contract with the French team. The Bombardier Global 7500 aircraft with tail number 9H-VIB was operated by private flight provider VistaJet. The FlightRadar24 data shows clear details about Messi’s departure from Barcelona and arrival at Paris Le Bourget Airport on August 10th. 

Being able to track flights on websites helps reports and others with high levels of interest in celebrities’ private jet movement. In some cases, celebrities feel that this information should be disclosed for safety reasons. While the European Business Aviation Association has made clear its concerns over privacy, the industry group essentially acknowledges that there is little hope of securing the type of protection that allows aircraft tail numbers to be concealed in the U.S. There the Limiting Aircraft Data Displayed program covers the use of data through the FAA’s network. In the future, we will look to see celebrity aircraft tail numbers be disclosed for the public to see so celebrities feel safer, and 120,000 cant watch your every move like Messi had experienced just last week. 

Morgan Freeman Made an Emergency Landing With His Private Jet

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Morgan Freeman has purchased an SJ30 aircraft, produced by Sino Swearingen Aircraft Corporation, a US-based manufacturer and subsidiary of Emivest. Freemans SJ30 is known as the worlds “fastest, longest-range and highest-flying light jet” on the market. The SJ30 can maintain sea-level cabin pressure at 41,000 feet and has a top cruising altitude of 49,000 feet. In 2015, Morgan Freeman’s private jet had to make a forced landing in Clarksdale, Mississippi. A tire flew off the aircraft while taking off, causing the aircraft to make a forced landing back on the TARMAC. 

In a statement, Freeman said: “Sometimes things don’t go as planned and a tire blew on take-off, which caused other problems. But thanks to my excellent pilot Jimmy Hobson we landed safely without a scratch.” Freeman was on his way the Texas to film a National Geographic’sThe Story of God” but the plane had to make a forced landing which delayed the filming. Luckily, the 78 year old actor and the crew around him suffered no injuries. 

One of Embraers Ambassadors: Jackie Chan

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The action movie Superstar Jackie Chan flies in style in his very own private jet. Chan has become a brand ambassador for Embraer, and owns an Embraer Legacy 650, purchased in 2012. The Legacy 650 boasts a longer range than Chan’s newer Legacy 500, though the Legacy 500 is known for its impressive style and comfortable cabin. Chan upgraded aircrafts for more range and convenience saying “In the past few years, my Legacy 650 has brought me fantastic traveling experiences and great convenience, allowing me to do more acting and philanthropic works around the world. I’m sure that the performance of the new Legacy 500 will again exceed my expectations, and become a comfortable mobile home and office for me.” 

As the best plane in its class, the Legacy 500 is the first business jet of this type, which has a secondary flight control. The cockpit is equipped with Rockwell Collins Pro Line Fusion equipment, and the cabin has enough space for 12 passengers. Otherwise, the passenger cabin is equipped with a surround-sound system, entertainment system and seats which can be converted into a full-length bed. The aircraft is also powered by two Honeywell HTF7500E engines, which are described as “greenest” in its class.

LaMelo Ball Rides in Style to watch His Brothers Summer League Game

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LaMelo Ball arrived in Pumas private jet to Las Vegas to support his brother, LiAngelo, in the Charlotte Hornets summer league game. As a Puma brand athlete, one major perk of being signed by the brand is being gifted some major perks like rides in a custom private jet. LiAngelo’s dad, the famous Lavar Ball, also showed up to egg him on. Given all the publicity LaMelo got last year, LiAngelo is gaining all the attention during the NBA Summer League. The 2020 NBA Rookie of the Year was also wearing his signature shoe, the MB1, courtside at the game. LaMelo came into the league with lot of buzz around him to become a superstar play and he certainly has backed it up, leading the Hornets to the Play-In tournament last season. Now with the addition of his brother LiAngelo as well as three other players in the 2021 NBA Draft, we hope to see the Hornets make another playoff push this upcoming season. 

Tom Cruise is a Pilot on and Off the Movie Screen

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One of Hollywood’s most powerful superstar actors, Tom Cruise, is no stranger to the luxurious lifestyle that comes with fame. One of the perks of having a lump sum of money is owning your own private jet for luxurious travel. The “Top Gun” star is no stranger to being a jet pilot, portraying one in this hit movie, as well as receiving his pilot license in 1994. Cruise’s Gulfstream IV is one of the finest private jets available for purchase. Manufactured by Gulfstream Aerospace, this highly demanded aircraft comes with top tier reliability, speed, and versatility.

The G-IV is powered by two Rolls-Royce Tay 611-8 engines which are able to create speeds up to Mach 0.80 for the aircraft. Inside the aircraft, there is a Jacuzzi as well as a movie theatre for Cruise to sit back and relax while he flies in style. The estimated price that Cruise paid for this aircraft is about $35 million. Cruise also owns a P-51 Mustang that he adventures in. this single-seat, single engine jet has a maximum speed of about 390 mph and can accommodate 2-3 passengers.

John Travolta’s Passion for Flying

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John Travolta purchased his Boeing Business Jet for $57 million, and put another $25 million towards customizing the interior. Travolta achieved his pilot license over 45 years ago and has had his jet license for 20 years. Many celebrities own private jets, but Travolta has his own runway attached to his house so he can park his jet in his driveway. His Boeing 737 has a fuel range of 6,000 nautical miles meaning he can fly from his house all the way to Europe without stopping if he likes. The 737 is designed to hold about 150 passengers, but Travolta put part of his $25 million on interior design to make the jet accommodate only 15 passengers, including two bedrooms and a full sized bathroom.

 In addition to Travolta’s Boeing 737, he also casually keeps a Challenger jet parked in his backyard. Most celebrities have a driveway full of exotic cars, but Travolta took it a step further and has a driveway full of private jets. Airbus’s CEO even let Travolta be the first pilot fly the Airbus A380. When asked if he wanted to fly, Travolta hopped on the opportunity automatically.  His passion for flying is no secret, his instagram is stocked full of pictures of him flying at sunset and with his family. He describes the feeling of flying as unlike any other feeling in the world. 

Jim Carreys Private Jet

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One of the greatest comedians and actors, Jim Carrey has purchased a $59 million luxurious Gulfstream V. The G-V is known as one of the highest performing and safest private jets in the world, capable of achieving speeds near the speed of sound. Able to sit 16 people comfortably, this Gulfstream has plenty of space for Carrey and his friends or family. Since there is only about 100 Gulfstream Vs in service today, being an owner of one, such as Jim Carrey, is an exclusive group. Carrey is no stranger to being in an exclusive group, being nominated for 7 Golden Globe Awards, and winning 2 of them, as well as 25 nominations for MTV Movie Awards and winning 11 of them. The success of this comedian and actor that Carrey has earned comes with no surprise that he purchased his very own private jet.  

Jay-Z And Beyonces Private Jet

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Jay Z & Beyonce are the most famous music superstar couple in the world, and it comes with no surprise that the couple own a private jet. The couple travel the world in style in their very own Bombardier Challenger 850 jet. Beyonce purchased this jet in 2012 for Jay Z as a gift, and having known that this couple is worth over a billion dollars, this purchase seems normal to them. The purchase was to celebrate Jay Z’s first Fathers Day after the birth of their daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The jet has a price tag of about $40 million, which is quite the price tag for a fathers day gift. The Challenger 850 jet is the largest Challenger jet of its kind, so Beyonce had the intentions of the whole Carter family being able to travel together, not just the superstar couple. 

The interior as well as the exterior of the jet are personalized for the Carter family. The exterior includes a custom painted S Carter written on the side to signify that it belongs to Jay-Z himself. The interior is all cream colored, and includes a bedroom as well as two bathrooms for the long overnight flights across the country. Other amenities include a full kitchen so they can enjoy any type of food they want and not peanuts and crackers like on commercial airline flights. 

Oprah Winfreys Private Jet

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The billionaire American talk show host, producer and philanthropist Oprah Winfrey , most famous for her talk show The Oprah Winfrey Show is the owner of a Gulfstream G550 private jet. Using the registration tail number N540W, the jet has a price tag of  $75 million. This twin-engine business jet airplane produced by Gulfstream Aerospace can hold up to 16 passengers. It even includes a full bathroom with a shower and bath! Being the best private jet money can buy, Oprah of course had to splurge a little of her million of dollars to get from place to place in style and luxury. 

Actual footage of Orpah’s G650 exclusively obtained by Private Jet Clubs

Oprah tells the story of why she bought her private jet, saying she bought her private jet for “some more privacy, and a lot more convenience”. After countless interactions with people in commercial airports saying to Oprah she was not “acting like you do on TV,” Oprah finally got fed up with it and switched to private aviation. Oprah stresses how wealth isnt all about buying expensive toys, it’s more important to help others as she has done countless times on her talk show.