Floyd Mayweathers Private Jet

  • What kind of Jet Floyd Mayweather has
  • What Floyd had custom printed on his Jet

They don’t call him Floyd “Money” Mayweather for no reason. The wealthiest athlete in all of sports loves to show off his wealth, and he did so on his 41st birthday by buying himself a brand new $60 million Gulfstream G650. This monster jet comes equipped with twin-engine technology capable of reaching speeds of 10505 km/h. With a jet named “Air Mayweather”, Floyd is always marketing himself even when he is 10,000 feet in the air. He also likes to flaunt his perfect record with ‘50-0’ painted on the tips of the wings. Having earned well over $1 Billion, the $60 million purchase for a private jet doesn’t make a dent in Floyds bank account.

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