Twin-Engine Plane Crash at Thunder Bay Airport Results in 1 Casualty

  • When this crash happened and what kind of aircraft was involved
  • What TSB Spokesperson Chris Krepski had to say about the incident

At approximately 9:12 PM on August 16th, a twin engine aircraft crashed at the Thunder Bay Airport, resulting in one fatality. The aircraft was a Gulfstream Turbo Commander, and had one person on board. Thunder Bay Fire Rescue, Thunder Bay Police Services, and Superior North EMS responded to the crash and took action. The incident closed down Thunder Bay Airport and three flights were cancelled due to the crash. 

TSB spokesperson Chris Krepski said “two TSB investigators are coming to Thunder Bay from Winnipeg, and expected to be on the scene by early Tuesday evening. When they get there, they’re going to examine the accident site, examine the aircraft wreckage, identify components from the aircraft for further analysis at the TSB engineering lab in Ottawa.” They are also going to interview eye witnesses and gather information from air traffic regarding communications, weather, and aircraft maintenance records. In order to begin the investigation, agents must gather as much information as possible for every possibility of why this flight crashed. Just before nightfall, social media were filled with images showing a line of flames streaked across the runway with heavy smoke rising into the sky.

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