Rolls-Royce Upgrades Indianapolis Facility to Become Net-Zero in Carbon Use by 2030

  • What technology was upgraded in the Indianapolis facility
  • How much the revamp of the facility cost Rolls-Royce

Rolls-Royce has just completed a $500 million revamp of its Indianapolis facility where it manufactures engines and components for helicopters, defense, and commercial aircrafts. After six years of revamping the facility, Rolls Royce have improved energy efficiency  and are helping Rolls-Royce meet its goal to become net-zero in carbon use by 2030. Now, Rolls Royce is taking major technological leaps into the future of aviation using facilities that are among the most advanced and efficient of any facility in the world. The Indianapolis facility includes more digital engineering and robotics to maximize operations throughout the facility.

Three buildings from the World War II era were upgraded by removing old technology and replacing it with new equipment to deliver engines and products to customers without having to seize operations for a long time. Rolls Royce also demolished a building that was 80 years old, resulting in greater manufacturing capability despite the smaller footprint. Rolls-Royce also plans to soon add new test capabilities at the Indianapolis campus to support military engine production.

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