Lufthansa Sends An Airbus A340 To Help The Afghanistan Evacuation

  • Where the Airbus aircraft is taking evacuated citizens
  • How many people the AirbusA340 can fit on the aircraft

Lufthansa has sent an Airbus A340, capable of holding about 350 passengers to help the Afghanistan evacuation flights, chartered by the German government. The Airbus is not going directly to Kabul airport, but the aircraft is collecting people that were relocated to Qatar and Uzbekistan by the German military. Given the danger currently associated with flying into Afghanistan, Lufthansa will not be flying into the country to collect those being repatriated. Multiple nations are helping to do evacuation flights from the airport, evacuating their own citizens as well as those in need of evacuation. However, given the rapidly developing nature of the operation, it’s proving to be anything but smooth sailing. 

As stated in one our recent articles, German armed forces are responsible for getting people out of Kabul using its Airbus A400M aircraft. The A400M landed in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and Doha, Qatar to drop off people, where the Lufthansa took over to bring them all the way back to safety. 

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