Indian Ambassador Conducts Evacuation Flights in Kabul

  • How many people were evacuated by Indias Air Force
  • When we can expect Indias Air Force to Evacuate all Indians in Kabul

One of India’s Air Force planes including India’s Ambassador, Rudrendra Tandon have arrived and  evacuated over 170 people from Kabul. The ambassador said that there are still Indians in Kabul and Air India is going to continue the evacuation missions to Kabul as long as the airport is still functional. Rudrendra Tandon said “The situation is very complex as the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan no longer exists and the situation is quite fluid now.” 

The ambassador said that there are Indians still working in Kabul, even with the Taliban taking over the city and will be brought back to India when commercial aircraft operations resume, saying “We’re continuously monitoring the situation because there are still some Indian citizens who are there. That is why Air India will continue to run its commercial services to Kabul as long as the airport in Kabul functions.” Earlier today, at least 150 Indians returned home from Afghanistan in a commercial flight that landed in Jamnagar, Gujarat. 

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