NATO is Attempting to Complete Evacuation Flights “as Soon as Possible”

  • What countries have joined the effort to evacuate Afghanistan citizens
  • What Secretary General Jene Stoltenberg told reporters about NATO’s efforts

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) allies around Europe are sending military aircrafts to Afghanistan in extreme efforts to take as many of the Afghan citizens, as well as any other vulnerable civilians out of the Taliban controlled country. The NATO alliance is working 24/7 to coordinate aircrafts to complete evacuations from Kabul as quickly as possible. 

Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters “NATO’s focus right now is to ensure the safe departure of personnel from allied and partner countries, and all of the Afghans who have helped us.” NATO allies have been working around the clock since Saturday to get aircrafts on the airport’s TARMAC to evacuate citizens. Several more allies just committed to sending aircraft to the region to help build the air bridge that will transport personnel and allied Afghans out of harm’s way. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg air forces are all participating in the evacuation mission. We are unsure how long NATO allies will remain at the Afghanistan airports making evacuation flights for Afghan citizens. 

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