New Airport Operations Center Unveiled at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

  • How much the upgrade to the facility cost Muhammad Ali International Airport
  • What was upgraded to the facility

The Louisville Regional Airport Authority has unveiled a new Airport Operations Center at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF). This new $18.5 million space serves as the airport’s central and communications hub 24/7, allowing staff to monitor any operational aspect at any time. The executive director of the Louisville Regional Airport Authority had this to say, “My goal from day one was for SDF to be the best airport in the country and I’m confident this new Operations Center puts us at the forefront in the industry. The crucial role of the Operations Department was an immediate priority for me – making sure we assembled the best team and gave them the best tools, resources and technology to do their job. The technology and capabilities we have from the new Airport Operations Center coupled with the staff’s expertise allows us to take that next step in the industry and be a leading example for other airports

The new operations center features a 14-screen video wall spanning nearly 28 feet, fully customizable to offer flexibility based on the needs of the company. The centralized Building Automation System is also housed here, which monitors all HVAC, lighting, fire alarm, fire suppression and plumbing systems. If any issue arises, staff are automatically notified immediately for a quicker response time to correct any situation. The design of the new space was done by Aviation Security Consulting, Inc., Sentinel Consulting, Chester Consulting, CMTA Engineering and Kersey & Kersey Architects with Messer Construction Co. completing the work. Construction on the new space began August 2020 and was completed July 2021.

Workers At Ben Gurion Airport Block Runway Panning Virus Rules

  • How many flights were impacted due to the protests on the TARMAC
  • What the signs carried by protestors read, and how long the protests went on for

Flights out of Ben Gurion Airport were halted for two hours Thursday as more than a thousand aviation workers blocked the runways. The workers were blocking the runways because they thought the government applied COVID-19 travel restrictions without properly addressing the impact on their industry and livelihood. Flights from 10 A.M until midday were halted during the protest while demonstrators gathered on the runway. 

Signs carried by the protesters said: “We are being thrown out of the plane without a parachute,” “If there is no Israeli aviation foreign companies also won’t land here,” and “The government is abandoning Israeli aviation.” 11 flights were impacted that were scheduled for takeoff and landing during these hours. Under the new restrictions, there are only 10 countries from which vaccinated or COVID-19 recovered. Israelis are able to return without having to quarantine fully and instead only isolate until receipt of a negative test result. Those countries are: Austria, Australia, Hong Kong, Hungary, Taiwan, Moldova, New Zealand, China, Singapore and the Czech Republic. Most of those locations are not allowing tourists to enter.

Ross Aviation Has Acquired Stuart Jet Center in Stuart Florida

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  • Details of the acquisition between Ross Aviation and Stuart Jet Center

Stuart Jet Center is a well known fbo for its safety and great service as well as its massive 15 acre ramp and 371,000 square feet of hangar space. This also includes 267,000 square feet of space for large cabin aircrafts. Ross Aviation at Stuart Jet Center serves as an easily accessible alternative to increasingly busy West Palm Beach (PBI) and South Florida’s growing population of large cabin jets — for which the shade and protection from salt air of a hangar are almost must-haves both for Florida-based and visiting aircraft. 

Brian Corbett, Chief Executive Officer at Ross Aviation, said, “In addition to its convenient location to South Florida and the Palm Beaches, Stuart Jet Center has one of the top ranked service teams in the country and long-standing reputation for operations excellence. Members of the team have been contributors to business aviation in Florida for decades, and the opportunity to partner with them is a big win for us — and an important part of our strategic network expansion in Florida, and nationwide.” Ross Aviation’s new location in Stuart, Florida is a key addition to the company’s growing presence on the East Coast — which also includes Sarasota, Florida (SRQ), Westchester County (HPN), Bedford (BED), and the Cayman Islands.

Twin-Engine Plane Crash at Thunder Bay Airport Results in 1 Casualty

  • When this crash happened and what kind of aircraft was involved
  • What TSB Spokesperson Chris Krepski had to say about the incident

At approximately 9:12 PM on August 16th, a twin engine aircraft crashed at the Thunder Bay Airport, resulting in one fatality. The aircraft was a Gulfstream Turbo Commander, and had one person on board. Thunder Bay Fire Rescue, Thunder Bay Police Services, and Superior North EMS responded to the crash and took action. The incident closed down Thunder Bay Airport and three flights were cancelled due to the crash. 

TSB spokesperson Chris Krepski said “two TSB investigators are coming to Thunder Bay from Winnipeg, and expected to be on the scene by early Tuesday evening. When they get there, they’re going to examine the accident site, examine the aircraft wreckage, identify components from the aircraft for further analysis at the TSB engineering lab in Ottawa.” They are also going to interview eye witnesses and gather information from air traffic regarding communications, weather, and aircraft maintenance records. In order to begin the investigation, agents must gather as much information as possible for every possibility of why this flight crashed. Just before nightfall, social media were filled with images showing a line of flames streaked across the runway with heavy smoke rising into the sky.

Evacuation Flights Halted due to Mayhem at Kabul’s Airport

  • Why the U.S. military is stopping evacuation flights
  • Update on the chaos at Kabul’s Airport

Due to recent reports of gunfire at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul as Afghan civilians try to flee the country, all evacuation flights were halted. Evacuation flights were stopped because desperate Afghan citizens were swarming planes as they were taking off, hanging on to the side and eventually falling off the plane to their demise.  A U.S. military official later told CBS News’ David Martin that U.S. troops had killed two armed Afghans who were part of the huge crowd that breached the airport perimeter. Reports said seven people died in total. While the cause of the other deaths was not immediately clear, at least one person was seen falling off an aircraft after it took off.  

As of Sunday,  the U.S. Embassy in Kabul had completely evacuated and Ned Price, the State Department spokesperson, said everyone has been relocated to the Kabul airport. The perimeter of the airport is secured by the U.S. military, but violence is still happening in and around the airport.  1,000 U.S. troops are being sent to Afghanistan to support the troops already there, bringing the total troops to 6,000 with 3,000 on the ground. 

Amazon Opens Aviation Hub in Cincinnati

  • The Details of Amazons new Cargo hub
  • What the CEO of Cincinnati International Airport thinks of the partnership

Amazon has been increasing its operations at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport (CVG) and has now opened an 800,000 sq ft facility, making CVG the undisputed national leader in air cargo. This will create 100s, even 1000s of new jobs around Cincinnati as well as speed up parcel delivery around the United States. According to a CNBC report, Amazon’s Cincinnati Airport hub is designed to have the capacity for 100 Amazon-branded planes and handle an estimated 200 flights per day. It gives Amazon ample scope to grow. It’s good news for CVG. In 2019, the busy airport handled 1,248,779 tonnes of cargo. In 2020, that increased to 1,434,132 tonnes. 

The airport’s CEO, Candace McGraw said “CVG is proud to be home to Amazon Air’s primary US air cargo hub, We’ve worked hard to ensure our airport is a great place to do business, and we couldn’t be more pleased to partner with Amazon on the transformational impact this hub is having.” In addition to Amazon, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport hosts planes from eight other cargo airlines. Keeping Amazon’s new facility company is the DHL Express

Busiest Airport in the United States

  • What United States airport is the busiest
  • How many people fly out of ATL airport a year / day

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta Georgia is the busiest airport in the United States, serving over 100 million passengers in a calendar year which works out to about 300,000 people flying in or out of Atlanta every day. Atlanta airport is busy considering its metropolitan area ranks in the top 10 largest urban areas in the USA. Also, the closest major airport is 250 miles away, so if you need to travel to an area around Atlanta in surrounding states, ATL is your closest option. Being Delta Air Lines main hub, there are over 1,000 flights a day from Hartsfield-Jackson Airport, which is the largest commercial airline hub. 

Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport has two terminals and seven concourses with a total of 195 gates. The Domestic Terminal is located on the west side of the airport and the Maynard H. Jackson Jr. International Terminal is on the east side of the airport. The terminals and concourses are connected by the Transportation Mall, a pedestrian tunnel with a series of moving walkways and The Plane Train, an automated people mover. All international arrivals are processed in Concourses E and F. 


New FBO: Richmond Executive Aviation

  • How large the new FBOs aircraft hangars are
  • Services provided at the FBO

Richmond Executive Aviation is a brand new FBO located at Richmond Executive Airport. REA debuted their new facility last week with an open house event. The FBO has a 800 square foot terminal, including a passenger lounge with complimentary refreshments, lounge rooms as well as a flight training classroom. Included in the $2.3 million price tag for this FBO is a 10,000 square foot hangar that is big enough to accommodate aircrafts up to the Gulfstream G450. 

Services provided at REA are aircraft charter, management, maintenance, sales, and flight instructions. The runway is 5,500 feet long, welcoming all aviators to its new facility in Virginia. CEO Mark Hackett stresses how Richmond Executive Aviation’s new facility is “professional, modern, and comfortable,” and pays great attention to detail to make sure everyone’s experience is perfect. 

Nantucket Memorial Airport Fuel Shortage

  • How Nantucket Airport plans to obtain more fuel
  • What the fuel shortage means for commercial and private flights to ACK

During the peak week of the summer when there is the most travel, Nantucket Airport has run out of jet fuel which is heavily impacting private and commercial aircraft travel. As one of New England’s main hubs for travel, ACK is telling aircraft operators to make sure they land at the airport with a full tank of fuel due to the shortage. It is extremely difficult for Nantucket Airport to get jet fuel tankers to the island, which is becoming a logistic nightmare for ACK. On Saturday, July 31st, Nantucket Airport salvaged enough fuel for its commercial flights such as JetBlue, Delta and Southwest Airlines to make sure these thousands of passengers made it to their destinations. On Sunday, August 1st, ACK ran completely out of jet fuel but are expecting fuel to arrive by monday morning by tanker trucks. Jet fuel sales have risen up to 60% at Nantucket Memorial Airport compared to years passed, and the airport has pumped over a million gallons of jet fuel. Nantucket Memorial Airport’s fuel tank farm holds 100,000 gallons of jet fuel which is enough to cover normal traffic for about five days. The demand this summer has drained supplies to the point it was holding essentially a single day’s worth of fuel on most days in July. 

The Largest Airport in the World

  • Where in the world this airport is located
  • How large this airport is compared to neighboring countries
  • What the “Royal Terminal” is used for


King Fahd International Airport in Saudi Arabia is known as the largest airport in the world with an area of 300 square miles. The airport serves the entire Eastern side of Saudi Arabia and is one of the three primary airports in Saudi Arabia. This airport has been used for commercial flights for over 20 years, and was used as an airbase as far back as the Gulf War. More than 10 million passengers use King Fahd Airport each year, 37 airlines operate flights from this airport, and this airport serves as a hub to Sama Airline. King Fahd International has two runways that are both 2.5 miles long, and the airport consists of two terminal buildings for commercial airline passengers.

The main terminal is six storeys tall, approximately 2,664,000 sq feet of space, as well as having 11 boarding bridges. The Royal Terminal is reserved for the royal family of Saudi Arabia, government personnel, and official guests. This terminal has four bridges linking the terminal to aircraft. Despite the specific purpose of this terminal, the royal family rarely uses it. King Fahd International Airport has been certified in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest airport in the world. This airport is so large that the neighboring country of Bahrain is smaller than the airport.