New Airport Operations Center Unveiled at Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport

  • How much the upgrade to the facility cost Muhammad Ali International Airport
  • What was upgraded to the facility

The Louisville Regional Airport Authority has unveiled a new Airport Operations Center at the Louisville Muhammad Ali International Airport (SDF). This new $18.5 million space serves as the airport’s central and communications hub 24/7, allowing staff to monitor any operational aspect at any time. The executive director of the Louisville Regional Airport Authority had this to say, “My goal from day one was for SDF to be the best airport in the country and I’m confident this new Operations Center puts us at the forefront in the industry. The crucial role of the Operations Department was an immediate priority for me – making sure we assembled the best team and gave them the best tools, resources and technology to do their job. The technology and capabilities we have from the new Airport Operations Center coupled with the staff’s expertise allows us to take that next step in the industry and be a leading example for other airports

The new operations center features a 14-screen video wall spanning nearly 28 feet, fully customizable to offer flexibility based on the needs of the company. The centralized Building Automation System is also housed here, which monitors all HVAC, lighting, fire alarm, fire suppression and plumbing systems. If any issue arises, staff are automatically notified immediately for a quicker response time to correct any situation. The design of the new space was done by Aviation Security Consulting, Inc., Sentinel Consulting, Chester Consulting, CMTA Engineering and Kersey & Kersey Architects with Messer Construction Co. completing the work. Construction on the new space began August 2020 and was completed July 2021.

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