Jet Edge Has Acquired 27 Private Jets After Securing $150 Million From KKR

  • What aircrafts Jet Edge has purchased
  • How much money they are putting into each aircraft for accessories

Jet Edge International has acquired 27 super midsize and large cabin private jets. This announcement comes about 2 months after Jet Edge announced it has secured a $150 million line of credit. The additional aircrafts to the fleet include 11 Challenger 300 and Challenger 350 Super mid aircrafts, five heavy aircrafts including Challenger 650s and 11 Gulfstream G450s. The move comes in a market where demand is outstripping supply. One aircraft broker says he was able to flip a Gulfstream jet like the ones 

Jet Edge picked up for a $5 million profit within a week. Jet Edge, which mainly manages aircraft for owners, and often buys jets and sells them to clients, who then make them available in its charter fleet, will hold on to its newest additions, says the company’s CEO, Bill Papariella. “We need all of  the capacity for our charter customers.” Jet Edge is spending $1.2 million on the super midsize jets and $1.8 million on the large cabin aircraft, installing Gogo 4G streaming Wi-Fi, USB ports, Airshow upgrades, inflight entertainment options, sound systems, and Bluetooth connectivity. It is also debuting branded exteriors.

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