Taliban Grants Russia Access to Kabuls Airport

  • What spokesperson Mariya Zakharova thinks of the situation

Russia is ready to keep evacuating Afghan nationals fleeing the Taliban. The offer follows intensive diplomatic efforts that involved telephone talks between Russian president Vladimir Putin and his counterparts in Tajikistan, Iran, Uzbekistan, France, and Italy. 

“The new Afghan authorities have ensured the Russian side that they have no principal objections on inbound and outbound flights to be made by the Russian civil airplanes, they have also promised to guarantee safety and security of the aircrews and the passengers,” spokesperson Mariya Zakharova said. Zakharova explained that the ministry previously used the services of local carrier Ariana Afghan Airlines. ”Since this option is no longer available, we plan to organize special charters, including for Russian citizens wishing to leave Afghanistan,” she said. 

The Taliban has refused a number of requests to land at Kabuls airport to various countries including Ukraine, which sent an Ilyushin Il-76MD military heavy-lifter to evacuate Ukrainian servicemen and civilians. Taliban gunmen positioned a number of anti-aircraft rapid-fire guns and shoulder-launched missiles around the airport fence to support the flight ban.

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