Airbus Blended Wing Aircraft: The MAVERIC

  • Inside the futuristic MAVERIC aircraft
  • How this aircraft will improve the environment
  • Airbus’s plan for the future of aviation

The Airbus Model Aircraft for Validation and Experimentation of Robust Innovative Controls or MAVERIC for short is an example of a very futuristic looking plane that we could be flying on sooner than we think. The reason this aircraft looks so futuristic is because this aircraft is basically a giant wing with no fuselage. This design is a way Airbus puts their futuristic twist on commercial aircrafts. This aircraft was first unveiled at the Singapore Airshow in 2020. One of the most exciting features of this aircraft is the placement of the engines. The engines are now mounted under or above the wings, the engines are attached to the rear stabilizers on top of the aircraft. The purpose of this is to reduce fuel consumption by upwards of 20% compared with other aircrafts.

Airbus is looking to deliver environmental performance benefits on their newer aircraft designs. The spacious configuration opens up the design space, enabling the possibility to integrate various other types of propulsion systems. This aircraft can also improve the experience for the passengers. This wing body design provides a comfortable cabin layout with will give passengers the benefits of more legroom as well as larger aisles for more personal comfort. Airbus realized that they need to improve the environmental impact of there aircrafts, and the MAVERIC will be a game change for the environment as well as fuel usage.

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