The Electric Aircraft: Eviation Alice

  • The development of the electric aircraft the Eviation Alice
  • 2019 unveiling at the Paris Air Show
  • The details of the battery that powers this aircraft for over 3,000 hours of flying


The Eviation Alice is an electric aircraft designed to accommodate 9 passengers and two pilots. This aircraft is currently under development, and is going to be made of 95% composite materials, and is powered by two electric motors with a tail in the shape of a T. The price tag on this aircraft is a little under $3 million and will be available by 2023 coming with features such as a powerful aluminum-air battery that has a lithium-polymer buffer and a cabin pressurizer.

The aircraft has an estimated range of 550-650 nautical miles based on the 900 kWh battery capacity. As battery technology improves, the range will be increased as the battery will become more powerful and hold more charge for longer durations of time. After over 1,000 tests, the battery will work for about 3,000 flight hours until the battery will need to be replaced with a cost of $250,000. Three 260 kW motors drive two propellers located on the wingtips in order to improve aircraft efficiency.

The company Eviation was founded in 2015 by Omer Bar-Yohay, Omri Regev, and Aviv Tzidon. Aviation has teamed up with Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University to launch a research campaign focused on performance analysis and testing for the Alice aircraft. A full size Alice aircraft was on exhibit at the 2019 Paris Air Show, where Cape Air ordered 92 aircrafts priced at $4 million each. In July 2021, Eviation updated the world on the Alice aircraft, showing the new T-Tail configuration. Two 850 HP (634 kW) Magni650 electric power plants on each side of the aft fuselage.

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